Monday, 20 June 2016

E-Learning Film Festival from Media Arts Students!

E-Learning can be very challenging, especially when you're learning about new tools and you're trying to be creative.  Fortunately, my Media Arts students were up for a challenge!  Congratulations to my class, who have pushed their own abilities and found success in the online environment!

Sunday, 12 June 2016

Critical Thinking: What is Art?

A note to my grade 9 students:  I'm writing this to you on Sunday morning because I'm a geek.  I'm also doing this to avoid other things I'm supposed to be doing, like folding my laundry.

...gotta love Snapchat

I'm learning about something called critical thinking, which is really interesting to geeky people like me.  Today, you're going to use a bit of critical thinking to help you question what you're going to see and hear.  After you watch the two short videos, you will form an opinion based on your new knowledge.  Don't worry:  it's easy and fun.  Time to get your geek on.

Your first video is made by McHooots, and I found myself totally enjoying his sense of humour, even though I didn't think I would.  

When we think critically, we want to go beyond simply watching a video or reading text.  Critical thinking helps us understand what we're watching & reading.

I have a few questions to help you think about what you just watched.  If you like, you can watch it again while you answer your questions.  You can work with a partner, especially if you talk about your ideas (if you don't agree, make sure to record all of your responses/ideas!).

  1. Who do you think this video is made for?  How did you make this decision?
  2. Who might disagree with what McHooots said in the video?  Why would they disagree?

Once you have recorded your answers, it's time to watch the next video, "I Could Do That":

Have you ever looked at an artwork and thought, "I could do that!"?  I know I have... which makes you wonder why an art gallery, who hires some really smart people, would choose to display such a simple artwork.  Hmm.

So let's think about this.  When we're introduced to new works of art, is there more than meets the eye?  Is it possible to appreciate art that we don't enjoy looking at?

Please answer the following questions (with or without a friend's help):

  1. When this video was created, who do you think they felt should watch it?  Why?
  2. In what ways was this video similar to the first video?  How was it different? 
  3. If you were asked to share a video that was made to change someone's mind about the meaning of art, which one would you choose?  Why?

I really can't wait to hear what you think about these videos.  Your opinions matter to me, because it's important that we become more aware of how we interact with media, whether we're reading books and articles, or we're watching videos or looking at advertisements on TV.  

Don't take anything for granted.  Question what you're reading.  Question what you're watching.  Consider this:  what isn't being shared with you?  ...and why not?

Tuesday, 31 May 2016

Grade 10 Art students: This is the last component of your final task.  Don't forget to complete your notes (10 marks) as well as your presentation (25 marks).


Wednesday, 18 May 2016

Helping Our Fellow Canadians

"Going to school" means so much more than learning about math, art, science or physical education.  When we learn, we are also developing our character.  Whenever possible, it is important to notice what we are doing and how we are growing as people who will make an impact on others.

Peter Cameron is an educator who uses every opportunity to share these principles with his students. His classroom has had a very positive influence on our world, and recently, he invited my students to share in this experience.  Please read "#Schools4FortMac" to see how he and his students provided an opportunity for schools to learn about so much more than textbook material.  

My e-learning Media Art students used their new skills to create Google Drawings, which are similar to digital posters.  Each drawing provides information and helpful links for readers who would like to help support their fellow Canadians in times of need.  Please look through the student posts that are provided below.  Feel free to share this post if you think that it would help raise funds for Fort McMurray (and Attawapiskat).


Our hearts go out to our fellow Canadians who are facing such terrible times.

Related resource:  "Attawapiskat Donates $5000 To Help Fort McMurray"

Tuesday, 10 May 2016

Grade 10: Norval Morrisseau

Grade 10 students: click the image above to access the link we used in class this week.

On Wednesday May 11th, we were fortunate to have Mrs. Lockwood visit our class and share her quilts with us.  She described her creative process and showed examples of her work.  Thanks Mrs. Lockwood!

My question to grade 10 students:  What is the difference between art and craft?  Where do you draw the line?  What do you view as "traditional" art, or even "craft", and do you make a distinction between those objects and art that might be seen in a gallery?  Do you think that some artworks should be displayed in a museum compared with a gallery?  Why or why not?  

Thursday, 28 April 2016

April 25 - 29

A note to my students:  I've been attacked by the flu bug, and haven't been able to be in class with you this week.  To help you make sure that you are all caught up on your work, I've prepared two padlet walls:  one for grade 10, and one for grade 9.  Find your wall, look through each day of the week and click on the resources.  I have also included the questions from each day in case you can't find them in the classroom.

For students who are using Google docs:  don't forget to share your work with me using my email address!